Wealthy Farmers Network is in the process of forming Wealthy Farmers Industries, the Thai entity of the Wealthy Farmer Network.

Wealthy Farmers Industries is a Private Company that is being formed according to Thai Law.

Wealthy Farmers has a number of ongoing business development projects including the development of the Thai Industrial Hemp for bioplastics, pulp and fiber markets including trade buyer organizations. The Conservation Notes, Tree Notes and other developed securities have already been assessed for compliance with Thai Securities Laws for which they meet the standards. The Royal Thai Government has received and is assessing the financing and licensing Securities for the Cannabis Sector which has been well received.

Wealthy Farmer will be developing the issuance of the Tree Notes with the Royal Thai Government over the next few weeks with the intention of potential partnership in their management and custodian roles for the Government.

Wealthy Farmers Industry will be meeting with the Bioplastics, Pulp and Fiber trade association members over the next few weeks with the intention of forming them into cohesive and effective trade buying groups from which the cultivation and technology partnerships can be shaped and delivered.